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LPAT (OMB) Hearing began May 21 and ends July 12. Ongoing updates…

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Does JDCL plan to EXPAND the quarry by 200 acres, TRIPLE THE SIZE?

JDCL reveals that they are buying up land around the Hidden Quarry property. They have purchased another 200 acres on the 6th Line across from the Hidden Quarry property and they are waiting to assess that property for its aggregate  potential. What does this mean if the Hidden Quarry is approved? A mega-quarry? CRC lawyer Chris Barnett will be pursuing those and many other troubling questions over the course of the Hearing. Stay tuned and donate to save the environment from this potential MEGA-QUARRY!

Danger Flyrock

The Concerned Residents Coalition (“we”) are a community group formed in March 2013 to support a thorough and fair assessment of the Hidden Quarry application by aggregate developer James Dick Construction Limited (JDCL). The CRC was incorporated in 2014 as a non-profit under the name CRC Rockwood Inc. Through our past and on-going experience we have found ourselves filling a need for civilian environmental stewardship in the area, more…

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LPAT Hearing Starting Day Media Coverage
​CTV had their team at the opening day filming this story. Wellington Advertiser's Phil Gravelle wrote this... more.

LPAT Hearing Begins!
​LPAT Hearing Begins May 21 at 10 am Council Chamber at the offices of Guelph Eramosa Township, 8348 Wellington Road 124, just west of... more.

Township opposes ‘hidden quarry’ but won’t fight it at LPAT hearing next month
​by Phil Gravelle, Wellington Advertiser BRUCEDALE - With a tribunal hearing looming, Guelph-Eramosa Township has declared its official opposition... more.

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Couture Hair Design in Rockwood is holding a CRC fundraiser, Saturday June 1 from 10 am to 4 pm 139 Passmore St. @ Alma Men, women and... more.

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Hidden Quarry

JDCL has submitted new applications for the Hidden Quarry, as anticipated due to the OMB ruling.  We are actively engaged in the application process and will keep you informed of status and what is needed from the membership directly to insure that our elected officials understand all sides of the arguments.

MPAC handout to the aggregate industry (more…): The new MPAC assessment rules for quarries and gravel pits may leave many Rockwood and area businesses and residents paying more property tax than the Hidden Quarry! One way to fight back is by joining the CRC.

Why stop a quarry?

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Read through our FAQ section. It provides many interesting and sometimes frightening facts about the proposed Hidden Quarry. It may trigger some questions that we haven’t covered. Email us at and we will consult the many experts who are providing the CRC with factual explanations and get back to you with the answer.

IMPACT of a quarry!

Click the above image to view the video (click here for the CRC YouTube Channel).