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Quarry Shamefully Approved

To CRC Supporters all –
It is with deep regret that I am bringing bad news regarding the Hidden Quarry adjudication. This morning we received the decision of the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) approving, with conditions, the application by JDCL to excavate the Hidden Quarry in Rockwood. CRC’s Board and our legal counsel are reviewing the decision and will follow up soon with a copy of the decision itself and our comments following our Board meeting tomorrow evening. I know that the LPAT decision will be deeply troubling to many in our community, and I can speak for my colleagues on the Board in saying that this news is devastating.
Doug Tripp


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Does JDCL plan to EXPAND the quarry by 200 acres?

JDCL reveals that they are buying up land around the Hidden Quarry property. They have purchased another 200 acres on the 6th Line across from the Hidden Quarry property and they are waiting to assess that property for its aggregate  potential. Now that the quarry application has been approved by LPAT, how much more land will they buy and what does this mean for the future size of the Hidden Quarry? Time will tell. Please help the CRC meet its finally costs from the LPAT hearing so it can grow and be there to insure the Hidden Quarry doesn’t become the Not-So-Hidden Mega Quarry.

Why stop a quarry?

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Read through our FAQ section. It provides many interesting and sometimes frightening facts about the proposed Hidden Quarry. It may trigger some questions that we haven’t covered. Email us at and we will consult the many experts who are providing the CRC with factual explanations and get back to you with the answer.

IMPACT of a quarry!

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