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The Concerned Residents Coalition (“we”) are a community group formed in March 2013 to support a thorough and fair assessment of the Hidden Quarry application by aggregate developer James Dick Construction Limited (JDCL). The CRC was incorporated in 2014 as a non-profit under the name CRC Rockwood Inc. Through our past and on-going experience we have found ourselves filling a need for civilian environmental stewardship in the area, more…

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CRC Bottle Drive
​The indomitable Carol Solomon has raised more than $ 2000 for CRC's LPAT Hearing since she began collecting bottles last year. Amazing work Carol!!!... more.

Happy New Year to CRC supporters!
​Here's some fabulous good news to launch CRC's 7th Year! Li'l Drop and the Hidden... more.

CRC: Enough aggregate already in Ontario for next 50 years... By: Vivien Fleisher
​This New Tanner article published November 1, 2018 provides a good overview of how CRC’s Hidden Quarry fight has gone over the past 6 years, where... more.

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CRC Community Meeting – January 2019
This meeting will be held to provide another opportunity for community input and to finalize LPAT (OMB) Plan and Budget based on... more.

CRC Golf Tournament - May 6, 2019
CRC Golf Tournament at the beautiful Blue Springs Golf Club May 6, 2019. Watch for... more.

2019 LPAT (aka OMB) Hearings scheduled to begin May 21, 2019
The LPAT (aka OMB) hearings to decide the fate of the proposed Hidden Quarry shall be held over eight consecutive weeks commencing 10 a.m. on... more.

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Hidden Quarry

JDCL has submitted new applications for the Hidden Quarry, as anticipated due to the OMB ruling.  We are actively engaged in the application process and will keep you informed of status and what is needed from the membership directly to insure that our elected officials understand all sides of the arguments.

MPAC handout to the aggregate industry (more…): The new MPAC assessment rules for quarries and gravel pits may leave many Rockwood and area businesses and residents paying more property tax than the Hidden Quarry! One way to fight back is by joining the CRC.

Why stop a quarry?

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Read through our FAQ section. It provides many interesting and sometimes frightening facts about the proposed Hidden Quarry. It may trigger some questions that we haven’t covered. Email us at and we will consult the many experts who are providing the CRC with factual explanations and get back to you with the answer.

IMPACT of a quarry!

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