OMB Pre-Hearing Conference Thursday, November 2 – 10 am

Come one! Come all! As we begin the new Hidden Quarry application adjudication at the OMB we need all hands on deck!  Our attendance will show the high level of community concern.

Thursday, November 2, 2017
10 AM
Council Chamber, Guelph Eramosa Township
8348 Wellington Road 124


2016 Hearing Postponed: Just a year ago we were preparing for the OMB Hearing on September 27 on the Hidden Quarry application.  That Hearing was postponed indefinitely, almost immediately after the Hearing started, because the JDCL application was made in 2012 under a GET zoning bylaw which had been repealed and replaced in 2016.

JDCL’s new application: Three months later, in December 2016, JDCL re-applied to GET and to Wellington County under the County’s new official plan and Township’s new zoning bylaw.

JDCL’s new appeal to the OMB: By the end of June 2017, JDCL once again appealed to the OMB based on ‘non-decisions’ by both County and Township when a minimum regulation deadlines (120 and 180 days respectively) had passed.

Now, with this first Pre-Hearing Conference date set the OMB is once more gearing up to hear the case.  Last time round there were three pre-hearing conferences.  We don’t know how many there will be this time, nor do we know when the Hearing itself will take place.

The November 2 Pre-Hearing Conference will last no more than a day, perhaps even just a few hours. As those who attended will remember, it will address:

  • identification of the Parties to the Hearing, of which CRC plans to be one;
  • identification of participants;
  • identification of issues;
  • possibility of settlement of any or all of the issues;
  • start date of Hearing;
  • duration of Hearing; and
  • a few other practical considerations.