CRC supports Mike Schreiner’s Private Members Bill The Paris Galt Moraine Conservation Act

February 20, 2019, Queen’s Park…Today Mike Schreiner introduced his first Private Members Bill to the Ontario Legislature – “The Paris Galt Moraine Conservation Act.” The Concerned Residents Coalition (CRC) supports this Bill and spoke to it this morning, along with Wellington Water Watchers. Dozens of citizens were in attendance.

A CALL TO ACTION – Protect Our Water: Stop aggregate mining in Ontario’s moraines!

Mike Schreiner, CRC's Linda Sword and Wellington Water Watchers at Queen's ParkThe CRC represents more than 1400 residents of Halton Region and Wellington County who have invested in research into the potential impacts of a proposed quarry known as the “Hidden Quarry” on the local eco-system. The 39.5-hectare rural property is in the Grand River Watershed immediately adjacent to the Greenbelt and in the Paris Galt Moraine. CRC believes that protecting and conserving water must be our top priority.

CRC’s Linda Sword spoke of the concerns relating to aggregate mining in the moraine. “It must be understood that aggregate extraction, especially quarrying, is not an interim land use when it comes to the moraine. The loss of the water filtering function of overburden and porous aquifer-conducting bedrock will be permanent. The creation, in below-water-table aggregate extraction, of surface-to-groundwater pathways will facilitate the transmission of contaminants. These are significant threats to water quality.”

Sword concluded: “We believe the tipping point has arrived at which the need to preserve and protect the essential water-resources-related functions of the moraines must outweigh the benefits of extracting the readily accessible, close-to-market aggregates found in Ontario’s moraines.”

Mike Schreiner addresses aggregate mining in the Bill. “The Paris Galt Moraine Conservation Act would protect our water from contamination, urban sprawl and reckless resource extraction.”

Schreiner went on to say: “I hope the government sees the financial value of this legislation. The moraine provides water at no cost to citizens. But if the resource is degraded, government will be on the hook for millions in water infrastructure to replace what nature can do for free.”

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