We’re making a CRC Cookbook together!

CRC CookbookDear CRC supporters and food lovers!

Following the success of our Christmas markets, the volunteer group has decided to embark on a cookbook project with all proceeds to the CRC. We are looking for donations of recipes in any and all cookbook categories – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert.

We are looking for those recipes that are near and dear to your heart. Things that have been passed down from generations, and are always a must at family celebrations and holidays. Or simply those great recipes that you cook for family, friends or company that always turn out perfectly and leave people wanting your recipe. Please ensure that you list all ingredients, all instructions, cooking temperatures and yields.

Any small blurb about memories of why or who you make this for, funny anecdotes about how the recipe came to be, or simply a dedication to those that have come before us that made the recipe possible – These personal touches will make the cookbook unique and appealing.

We are going to have to put a time frame for receipt of recipes of just 3 weeks. So all recipes should be sent to j.schummer@ceconline.ca anytime up until March 23rd. Hopefully we will be able to use most, but cannot guarantee we can use everything as space and cost will be an issue.
We look forward to this delicious reading.

Jerrie Schummer j.schummer@ceconline.ca

CRC Newsletter Cookbook.pdf