Drawing public attention to flyrock is a public service not ‘fund-raising terror’

CRC flyrock staging
CRC flyrock staging

The Concerned Residents Coalition performed a public service by erecting ‘flyrock danger zone’ signs on Highway 7 on Monday of last week.

Greg Sweetnam, vice president of James Dick Construction Ltd. refused to admit the potential risk and accused us of ‘scaring the public’.

CRC meanwhile, referenced internationally accepted formulas designed to calculate flyrock exclusion zones.

Greg Sweetnam also said “You just can’t keep the CRC happy”. Well he’s right – We’re not happy about the proposed Hidden Quarry!

The reality is the risks posed by the proposed Hidden Quarry are scary!

  • Flyrock is one risk. The probability is low yet the consequences can be catastrophic.
  • The drinking water Rockwood residents receive from Municipal Well #4 could be compromised by blasting leading to millions in cost to G.E.T. taxpayers to create a new well.
  • Wetlands and streams could be permanently altered or disappear completely.
  • Endangered species like the little brown bat could have their critical habitat destroyed.
  • Highway and downtown streets in Rockwood and Acton will be subject to another 48 heavy trucks an hour.

    Flyrock Danager Zone
    Click image and make a donation to cover cost of sign rentals

Last weekend members of CRC fanned out to locations in Rockwood and Acton. We gave leaflets describing the risks of the Hidden Quarry to more than 1000 people… more.