Golf for the CRC at the Blue Springs Golf Course May 6, 2019

A Something-for-Everyone Golf Tournament. Come to Celebrate and Support CRC!

CRC Newsletter – Come to CRC’s Fabulous Golf Tournament – May 6, 2019.pdf

Now that February is behind us, we can look forward with some certainty to spring…and believe it or not, in just two months on Monday May 6, CRC will be golfing at the Blue Springs Golf Course, our last big fun and fund-raiser just 3 weeks before the very serious LPAT Hearing.

Many will be eager to play golf at this private, Platinum Level ClubLink course for the first time at a very attractive price made possible through the generosity and support for the community of the Blue Springs Golf Course.

Three Great Options for Attendees:

For golf lovers, play 18 holes on this challenging PGA Course! $130

For golfers with no or little experience or who just want to play a shorter game, this is an opportunity to spend an hour with a Golf Pro before enjoying the 9-hole course. $130

For those who prefer to welcome golfers at the end of the day, just come for a delicious dinner. $65

The ticket price of $130 is a bargain at this Club, without even counting dinner. If you are playing 18 holes you’ll be welcomed in the morning with a continental breakfast. Your golf cart will be waiting. Come on your own and meet other golfers, or book for a foursome. The beer and snack cart will be out on both courses to keep your energy up. When you come back to the Club House, will enjoy a delicious banquet prepared by Blue Springs’ Executive Chef Wayne Krausewitz. After dinner there will be a live auction with a professional auctioneer, as well as a silent auction.

Book your tickets now!

Contact Linda Sword 519-853-1896 or

Michele Dawe or 519-827-7996 or

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CRC Newsletter – Come to CRC’s Fabulous Golf Tournament – May 6, 2019.pdf