Join the CRC Water Walk – Saturday, May 11

Join the Walk. Stop the Quarry! Save our Drinking Water!!

Start – St. John’s Church Green, 11:30 Saturday May 11

Please spread the word and if people can’t attend perhaps they would like to ‘sponsor’ your walk. Here’s a sample of what one CRC member sent to their friends,

Dear Friends,

I will be joining a Walk for Water in Rockwood on Saturday May 11, and I am writing to ask for your sponsorship. As you know, working to win this fight has been one of my passions for seven years now. We have raised almost $700K and have a really good case to bring to the LPAT Tribunal which starts on May 21. So I am sure we are going to win, but it would be nice not to end up in the red afterwards!

Any amount would be appreciated. I could come to pick up your gift, or you could make a contribution online at www.hiddenquarry/water.

See attached for full details. 

See our Water page for more information.