Lecture: Beautiful Bats! by Ecologist Helen Lazleer Nov 28

Come to hear Ecologist Helen Lazleer speak about bats!

When: Thursday, November 28 at 7 pm
Where: Eden Mills Community Hall
Admission: FREE! donations welcome…

Ecologist Helen Lazleer
Ecologist Helen Lazleer

Helen Lazleer has always had a deep love of nature and has been working as an ecologist in England for the past ten years. She has recently relocated to Ontario where she is enthusiastic to learn about a whole new range of wildlife.

This presentation will give an introduction to the life of bats, how they hunt, where the live and a bit about the bats of Ontario. It will also touch on how bats are threatened and ways we can help! More…

CRC Concern: The endangered Little Brown Bat

Ecologist Helen Lazleer Little Brown Bat
Ecologist Helen Lazleer Little Brown Bat

You may be interested to know more about bats, especially given CRC concerns about the potential negative impact on the Little Brown Bat and its habitat if the Hidden Quarry proceeds. CRC’s Peter Kauss and Linda Sword met with ecologist Helen Lazleer and were inspired by her passionate commitment to the study of bats. She will also specifically discuss ‘our’ Little Brown Bats.

Closing Argument by Chris Barnett at LPAT: “…the Applicant has not demonstrated that there will be no negative impacts on the natural features or on their ecological functions” and has not proved “that there will be no development and site alteration in the habitat of endangered and threatened species and species of concern, specifically the little brown Myotis, eastern wood pee-wee and snapping turtles;…” More: LPAT (OMB) Hearing | Popular Science