Newsletter – What’s New…What’s Not?

CRC Newsletter 2020-01-26 What’s… New What’s Not


Deep in mid-winter we are remembering last summer’s hot LPAT Hearing on the fate of the Hidden Quarry application, now more than 6 months ago.  Everywhere we go people are asking “Have you heard any news?”  As of today, the answer is still a definite “no”.  No news, except that we know that our adjudicator Scott Tousaw has been hearing other cases during this interim time, so we are not the only case on his mind.  As for our case, the height of the tower of evidence may be an indicator that 6 months of study and analysis is not sufficient for the kind of thorough legal decision which Mr. Tousaw must make.  We can only counsel patience.  Rest assured we will let you know as soon as we hear anything.

  Drop-off Bottles!

CRC is still raising funds. When Carol Solomon was concerned that she couldn’t make a significant cash donation to CRC, she opened up her own bottle drive to raise funds instead.  She has raised more than $4600 so far!  Special thanks to Heaven on Seven – their bottles all come to Carol, about $1770 of Carol’s total! Her donation barrel is still ready for more bottles – 225 Ridge Top Crescent in Rockwood!

  DeliberationsYour CRC Board continues to meet to keep on top of developments.  Other communities are reaching out to us as well to learn from our experience.  The Hidden Quarry fight is well known and the work of this community has inspired others.  At the same time, we are in discussions about working with other organizations to address policy issues related to aggregate development in Ontario.  CRC is a force!

 Déjà vu!


The Bernardi Pit (not quarry) east of the Guelph Line and west of Wheeler Court is opening again after being dormant for many years.  The pit was licenced years ago, so no application is required.   If you have been wondering what is happening… the link to GET’s description of the situation is below, including site plans.  The good news is that the area open for extraction is much smaller at 7 acres than the original licenced acreage because of negotiations at the time that the Harris Mill School was built.—bernardi-pit