CRC Delegation to GET Council

We had standing room only at the GET Council Meeting yesterday.  This community is strong!
I have attached the two documents which were our presentation.
Doug Tripp gave a brief overview of our reaction to the decision and requested three actions from Council:
      1. Engage CRC in the development of Terms of Reference for the Community Liaison Committee (CLC).
      2. Provide a public commenting opportunity with regard to a road agreement between GET and JDCL.
      3. Inform CRC of the details and timing of actions to satisfy the conditions included in the LPAT interim decision.
Dan Kennaley presented draft terms of reference for the Community Liaison Committee (CLC – oddly familiar acronym!), which is required by the decision, and for which GET is designated to set up draft terms.  CRC, with Dan’s expertise and experience as a municipal planner, determined that we could contribute in a meaningful way to this process and provided terms which referenced existing CLC’s, and, in particular, referenced a previous OMB decision which outlined CLC terms of reference – important precedents.  If the quarry goes ahead, this is the community’s only way to hold JDCL to account.
As usual, Mayor White accepted our presentations, saying that the Council had still not received legal advice on the decision’s implications and that Council was pleased to receive draft terms of reference, especially from someone as qualified as Dan Kennaley.

Mark Your Calendars

CRC Community Meeting
The “Decision” and Beyond
Thursday, March 12 – 7 pm
Eden Mills Community Hall