Tell Minister Yakabuski to Stop the Hidden Quarry!


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The Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT) released its interim decision on Friday February 11 and approved James Dick Construction Limited’s application for re-zoning and a licence to mine aggregate at the Hidden Quarry in Rockwood.

This flawed decision reveals that Ontario’s self-proclaimed “Government for the People” puts higher priority on the profits of aggregate companies than the integrity of rural communities and eco-systems.

The Hidden Quarry will devastate the community. It will change forever the lives and livelihoods of residents, and the character of the neighbouring town of Rockwood. It will add danger and toxic dust to our local roads and towns along the haul routes. Several species already ‘at risk’ will become endangered.  Altogether it is a dangerous intrusion into this rural community and its complex eco-system.

The Ontario government does not need the Hidden Quarry.  Ontario’s 7000+ licenced pits and quarries represent an existing 50-100-year supply of aggregate.  Many of these operations sit idle (and unrehabilitated) as aggregate operators move from site to site chasing current markets.

Please support the Concerned Residents Coalition in the ongoing campaign to protect water and the community.

Click here to send a letter to John Yakabuski, Minister, Natural Resources and Forestry. Tell John Yakabuski to use his authority to deny a licence for the Hidden Quarry and demonstrate that his government is ‘for the people’, and not for private profit.

Doug Tripp,
President, Concerned Residents Coalition (please share this Letter pdf)