Something to think about… CRC Newsletter 20.03.19

Something to think about…
I’m sorry we had to miss meeting with everyone in the community last week to discuss the Hidden Quarry decision, but in retrospect we are convinced we made the right decision to avoid any possible risks in light of the COVID-19 news and upward trajectory of cases.

Among the things we wanted to discuss was forward-looking strategies. As you know, we’ve been working with Wellington Water Watchers who have demonstrated huge support for CRC’s work to protect water and the environment. Mike Balkwill helped us orchestrate our public flyrock and water campaigns last winter and spring, and inspired us to seek new ways to bring political attention to the very serious implications of predatory aggregate companies working in a policy framework which does not protect communities and environment.

You will read below Mike’s letter written in this moment which combines, ironically, physical isolation with a dramatic lesson in our social/natural connection…it is the context for CRC’s next steps and our ongoing collaboration with the intrepid team at WWW. Food for thought!
Take care, everyone! And stay tuned! … CRC Newsletter 20.03.19