BREAKING NEWS 30 July 2020: Doug Ford Against Quarries Communities against…

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Premier Ford – “When the people don’t want something, you don’t do it!”

Rockwood, Ontario… Yesterday in Milton, the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford responded to a question regarding the Campbellville (Reid) quarry proposed by James Dick Construction Limited. His response was:

“I am not in favour of that. I believe in governing for the people. And when the people don’t want something you don’t do it. It’s very simple. I know the Mayor he doesn’t want it, no one wants it. I don’t want it. We are going to make sure it doesn’t happen one way or another”.

MPP Parm Gill seconded the Premier’s statement with “If the community doesn’t want a project to move forward bottom line, we are going to make sure the project doesn’t move forward. It’s that simple”.

Just across Highway 7 at Milton’s northern boundary in Rockwood, the so-called Hidden Quarry, also proposed by James Dick, is awaiting issuance of a licence following its interim approval by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) in February.

The parallels between the two quarries are striking:
• Citizens of Guelph-Eramosa and Milton donated $800,000 and countless volunteer hours over seven years to say “We don’t want this quarry!” It’s that clear!
• The Guelph Eramosa Township Council voted that the municipality doesn’t want it.
• GET’s neighbour, the Region of Halton, actively opposed it, with support from the municipalities of Milton and Halton Hills.

The Concerned Residents Coalition, representing the citizens of GET (Rockwood) and Milton (Nassagaweya) over a seven year battle, reached out to GET Council and MPPs Parm Gill and Ted Arnott for help to prevent this inappropriate and destructive quarry development from proceeding. We contacted the Premier and MNRF Minister John Yakabuski to stop the development from proceeding. All of this was to no avail with the arbitration rendered by LPAT.

The obvious question arising from yesterday’s statements by Ford and Gill is “Do they mean what they said?” If they do, Rockwood and Milton (Nassagaweya) are waiting for the same intervention. Fairness demands it.

Media Contact:
Doug Tripp, CRC President