CALL FOR ACTION! Ford Supports Milton community against Campbellville Quarry! What about Us!!!

July 30, 2020: Yesterday in Milton, the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford responded to a question regarding the Campbellville (Reid) quarry proposed by James Dick Construction Limited. His response was:

“I am not in favour of that. I believe in governing for the people. And when the people don’t want something you don’t do it. It’s very simple. I know the Mayor he doesn’t want it, no one wants it. I don’t want it. We are going to make sure it doesn’t happen one way or another”.

MPP Parm Gill seconded the Premier’s statement with “If the community doesn’t want a project to move forward bottom line, we are going to make sure the project doesn’t move forward. It’s that simple”… CRC Media Release

In response, CRC has written to GET Council with the following message:

“Our community has been clear about its opposition to the proposed Hidden Quarry, to the tune of $800,000 of donations and seven years of countless volunteer hours to support the fight against it. It is time that you step up to make it clear that GET Council does not what this quarry to proceed, and to
do so now in no uncertain terms. It’s very simple! The residents of this community deserve nothing less than your unequivocal opposition to the quarry. CRC’s supporters are being informed about this request and they will be waiting to see what you do with it.”

We are also writing to the Premier (letter attached) demanding the same treatment as he committed to the folks in Milton… download Newsletter.

So what now?

The licence for the Hidden Quarry has not been issued pending compliance with a number of conditions. GET is either doing nothing or simply withholding information from us regarding one crucial condition which is the implementation of a Community Liaison Committee.

Until there is a licence, this is not over. The citizens of GET and Milton who fought this destructive quarry for seven years, who donated $800,000 to pay for lawyers and experts, and who frankly did as good a job analyzing and arguing against the quarry as any community in Ontario ever has, only to be shafted by a bad decision, have the right to demand action by our local representatives in light of Ford’s and Gill’s comments yesterday.


Call and e‐mail Ford, Gill, Arnott and GET Mayor and Councillors demanding that Ford also govern in the interests of the people of Guelph Eramosa (Rockwood) and Halton Region who oppose the Hidden Quarry.
Premier Doug Ford: 416-325-1941
Premier of Ontario
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1

Parm Gill: 905‐878‐1729 and
Ted Arnott: 519‐787‐5247, 1‐800‐265‐2366 and
Chris White: 519‐830‐6725 and
Mark Bouwmeester: 519‐831‐1791 and
Bruce Dickieson: 519‐831‐8828 and
Louise Marshall: 519‐856‐0641 and
Corey Woods: 519‐362‐1353 and
Get Council Offices: 519‐856‐9951