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We hope you’ll enjoy browsing through this collection of photos, all of which were taken within two kilometers of the proposed Hidden Quarry site. To begin the slide show simply select any image (if nothing happens you may need to allow your browser to open pop-ups). You can let the slide show play or pause slides using the menu icons below the images in the slide viewer. If you select the “i” icon in the menu, a brief information note will display with each slide.

The specific fauna and flora in these pictures may not live on the quarry site but their offspring and cousins do. If the proposed open pit mine is allowed to go into production those creatures will have to move, or perish. Most can’t move. A donation to the CRC will help ensure that the site, which is designated “Greenlands,” will remain so and this irreplaceable natural ecosystem can continue to do its critical tasks of cleaning our air and water, absorbing CO2 and providing just the right habitat for hundreds of species including species at risk.