Happy New Year to CRC supporters!

Here’s some fabulous good news to launch CRC’s 7th Year!
Li'l Drop and the Hidden Quarry
Li’l Drop and the Hidden Quarry

Meet Rand Smith Peter, a 10-year-old advocate for our environment at risk if the Hidden Quarry proceeds! Rand is an inspiration as we enter the last few months leading up to the LPAT Hearing. Visit his YouTube channel and help him get the word out about the importance of our moraine and why we must protect it for Rand and future generations. Learn how he is supporting CRC. Details are in the attached newsletter.

CRC: Enough aggregate already in Ontario for next 50 years… By: Vivien Fleisher

This New Tanner article published November 1, 2018 provides a good overview of how CRC’s Hidden Quarry fight has gone over the past 6 years, where it’s at today, and where we need to get to over the next 7 months. It’s a tough fight but so far clean living has prevailed, and with everyone pulling together there’s solid hope that in 7 months the Hidden Quarry proposal will be laid to rest. Click here for the article…

CRC Requests Meeting with John Yakabuski, Ontario Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry


Parm Gill MPP and Linda Sword Constituent CRC big letter to Doug Ford
Parm Gill MPP and Linda Sword Constituent with CRC big letter to Doug Ford

On Tuesday, October 23 members of Concerned Residents Coalition (CRC) signed a public letter to Premier Doug Ford asking him to direct the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, newly appointed John Yakabuski, to meet with community leaders in Guelph Eramosa Township and Halton Region at the Minister’s earliest opportunity. CRC presented the letter to Parm Gill, MPP for Milton who will deliver the letter to the Premier.

The purpose of the proposed meeting with the community is to discuss the application by James Dick Construction Ltd. for a quarry license to extract aggregate at the “Hidden Quarry” site 1000 metres from the town of Rockwood in the Paris Galt Moraine… Click here for full release

Over 90,000 Raised At Oct 23rd CRC Community Meeting And More…

What a night! Tuesday night’s CRC Community Meeting filled the Eden Mills Community Hall to the rafters!

CRC Big Letter to Doug Ford
CRC Big Letter to Doug Ford

The impending LPAT (previously named OMB) Hearing May 21, 2019 has set us an urgent timetable to raise funds for our case in the LPAT court and to build our case in the court of public opinion.

At the meeting we talked about building on our investment to date – the $500,000 we have already raised as a community and the expert case these funds have permitted us to build.

We talked about two imperatives for CRC: – not only about 1) preparing for the LPAT Hearing, but also 2) about shining a public spotlight on the issues raised by the Hidden Quarry proposal so that we don’t just get lost in the LPAT ‘bubble’, ie. in the regulations of a hermetically sealed process when real lives and livelihoods, natural environment and water protection are at stake.

After we talked, here’s what we did!… click here for a pdf of the newsletter with full details on the introduction of Mike Balkwill, Big Letter, upcoming Strategy Meeting, fundraising, and more

Mark Your CRC Calendars!

November 15: Campaign Strategy Meeting

November 24: Outdoor Christmas Market (Rain date November 25)

January 14: Community Meeting – Finalize LPAT Plan and Budget based on donations/pledges.

May 6: CRC Golf Tournament at the beautiful Blue Springs Golf Club. Watch for details.