GRCA Revisits Hidden Quarry Application; Recommends Deferral !

Yet another indication that the proposed Hidden Quarry may present hidden problems. The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) Board of Directors received a new staff report on the proposed Hidden Quarry April 28th. The report recommends deferral of consideration of the Hidden Quarry application until the proponent, James Dick Construction Ltd. (JDCL), has completed the hydrogeological studies required to assess the potential impacts of the proposed quarry. Hidden Quarry Media Release – GRCA recommends deferral of Hidden Quarry assessment

Water Matters!

There is no question that the work CRC is doing to stop the Hidden Quarry is crucial to the protection of our water! The past few months have been very exciting for CRC – New scientific evidence is bolstering our case…TOGETHER WE WILL WIN!

For all the details, please see attached newsletter! CRC Newsletter Water Matters April 2017 Three important and special water events are also listed. Please attend and share the information with friends and neighbours.

Happy 4th Birthday CRC!

CRC is 4 Years Old! And thriving!

Four years ago this week, CRC was born! NO WAY we were going to let this slip by un-noticed!

Last night’s CRC Board meeting – March 29 – was held on the same date as the first-ever gathering of concerned residents. After JDCL’s Hidden Quarry presentation (March 25, 2013) at the first Rockmosa public meeting, just four days later (Good Friday, Apr 29 2013) 25 people crammed into Bill & Joyce Hill’s kitchen to voice their concerns. Many joined a steering committee that led to the incorporation of CRC two years later. That Steering Committee/Board has met almost every two weeks since then.

JDCL’s Greg Sweetnam once predicted the demise of citizens’ groups within a year of organizing; he also told the Girardis “No matter what you do, we’re coming”. Guess what: We’re 4 years old and we’re stronger and wiser than ever. Yes JDCL remains a formidable force, but with the continuing support, moral and financial, of our communities and residents there will never be a Hidden Quarry. Happy Birthday CRC! Thank you all, CRC supporters and Board Members.

We thought you’d like to see again where it all began.

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