Take Action: Tell Minister Yakabuski to Impose 500 m flyrock safety zones

Tell Minister John Yakabuski (Natural Resources and Forestry) to impose ‘Flyrock Exclusion Zone’ on proposed Hidden Quarry in Rockwood Ontario and on all Ontario aggregate quarries.

Flyrock Danager Zone
Flyrock – rock fragments propelled at 600 km/hour by detonation of explosives – can cause property damage, personal injury and death.

The Concerned Residents Coalition (CRC) erected signs on Monday along a section of Hwy. 7 near Rockwood Ontario to publicize its concerns about danger to the public from flyrock at the proposed Hidden Quarry site.

The Concerned Residents Coalition demands that John Yakabuski, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry immediately impose a 500 metre Flyrock Exclusion Zone on James Dick Construction Ltd.’s proposed Hidden Quarry.

In fact, CRC demands that the Minister require a 500-metre flyrock exclusion zone for all aggregate quarries in Ontario.

A Flyrock Exclusion Zone would protect local residents, businesses and commuters from personal injury and property damage from flyrock ejected by explosive blasting.

At the proposed Hidden Quarry James Dick Construction Ltd. plans to blast within 75 metres of a section of Hwy. 7 near the proposed Hidden Quarry (HQ). Flyrock killed a passenger in a car traveling on Interstate-75 (in US) and also another car passenger on the M1 (In UK) at greater distances than the HQ property is from Highway 7.

The Ontario government currently does not have regulations to establish “Flyrock Exclusion Zones”. 500-metre exclusion zones are required for quarry and mine blasting in US, Scotland, Wales, and Australia. In Nova Scotia the requirement is 800 metres*.

Please click here now to send Minister John Yakabuski an email calling for 500 metre Flyrock Exclusion Zones for quarries in Ontario...

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Proposed quarry near Rockwood raises concerns for residents CTV Kitchener

Published Monday, March 18, 2019 2:09PM EDT

Flyrock Media Presentation
Flyrock Media Presentation

A hidden quarry near Rockwood has been a contentious issue for several years.

Now, concerned residents are sounding the alarm over the proposal and say there’s an issue that hasn’t been addressed yet.

A visual display of a possible danger has been set up by a group just off of Hwy. 7. A several-hundred pound piece of limestone is smashed through
a car windshield. It’s called flyrock… more.

CTV News Kitchener – story – pdf | CTV News Kitchener Broadcast Page | CRC Media Release

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