MPAC Gives Gravel and Quarry Industry a Giant Tax Break at Tax Payers’ Expense!

Believe It or Not! Sadly this one isn’t that hard to believe. The aggregate industry has managed to cajole MPAC into giving them a giant handout at the tax payers expense. A 94 acre gravel pit will soon pay less property tax than a 3 bedroom house on one acre in Puslinch! Just another reason why JDCL continues to try and force the Hidden Quarry on Rockwood. If you want this handout stopped then contact your Councillor and MPP, and join the CRC. –  The Wellington Advertiser- MPAC – County councillors digging in to oppose gravel pit assessment change

JDCL (James Dick Construction Limited) has re-applied!

JDCL (James Dick Construction Limited) has re-applied! Well, here we go again but this time there are many significant differences. To start, in addition to re-applying to GET for local re-zoning, the company must also ask Wellington County for an amendment to the County Official Plan  to change the area from “Greenlands” to industrial. CRC Newsletter – JDCL has re-applied!