Over 90,000 Raised At Oct 23rd CRC Community Meeting And More…

What a night! Tuesday night’s CRC Community Meeting filled the Eden Mills Community Hall to the rafters!

CRC Big Letter to Doug Ford
CRC Big Letter to Doug Ford

The impending LPAT (previously named OMB) Hearing May 21, 2019 has set us an urgent timetable to raise funds for our case in the LPAT court and to build our case in the court of public opinion.

At the meeting we talked about building on our investment to date – the $500,000 we have already raised as a community and the expert case these funds have permitted us to build.

We talked about two imperatives for CRC: – not only about 1) preparing for the LPAT Hearing, but also 2) about shining a public spotlight on the issues raised by the Hidden Quarry proposal so that we don’t just get lost in the LPAT ‘bubble’, ie. in the regulations of a hermetically sealed process when real lives and livelihoods, natural environment and water protection are at stake.

After we talked, here’s what we did!… click here for a pdf of the newsletter with full details on the introduction of Mike Balkwill, Big Letter, upcoming Strategy Meeting, fundraising, and more

Mark Your CRC Calendars!

November 15: Campaign Strategy Meeting

November 24: Outdoor Christmas Market (Rain date November 25)

January 14: Community Meeting – Finalize LPAT Plan and Budget based on donations/pledges.

May 6: CRC Golf Tournament at the beautiful Blue Springs Golf Club. Watch for details.

2019 LPAT (aka OMB) Hearings scheduled to begin May 21, 2019

The LPAT (aka OMB) hearings to decide the fate of the proposed Hidden Quarry shall be held over eight consecutive weeks commencing 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

The case AGAINST the quarry is VERY STRONG, and growing stronger with the CRC’s ongoing investment in science based research. With the community’s continued support we are very optimistic that the final decision will save Rockwood and the surrounding region from this unnecessary quarry that would,

  • pollute the area’s water supply,
  • create air and sound pollution,
  • put residents and motorists at risk from dangerous blasting and increased truck traffic,
  • disrupting the agricultural economy,
  • impact species at risk and brook trout habitat
  • put our homes and heritage building foundations at risk from blasting vibration
  • and many other negative social and environmental impacts.

Click here for our FAQs on the proposed quarry.

The Wellington Advertiser: Hidden Quarry potential water hazards and traffic problems August 31, 2018

As reported Dr. Emil Frind, one of Canada’s top hydrologists, ‘…concluded there is no certainty the proposed quarry is outside of wellhead protection zones, there is no guarantee municipal wells won’t be impacted and there is no certainty provincially signicant wetlands won’t be impacted.’ “Science tells us that ground water, soil water and surface water act as one unit,” Frind said. “Water can flow both ways.”

Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonnette also appeared as a delegation to reiterate Halton Hills and Halton Regions position that they are “opposed” to the Hidden Quarry application. “There’s no appropriate haul routes leaving from the hidden quarry to the proposed markets in the GTA. ” He raised collision risks as well as the “serious implications for the social fabric of our (Acton/Georgetown) community.”, as some of the problems.

The Wellington Advertiser Hidden Quarry opponents speak out at GET August 31, 2018.pdf