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WasteWise Donation 2014
WasteWise Donation 2014

Thanks to the terrific support from area residents, GET Council, Halton Hills, Milton, and fund-raising events such as the Nylons, Great Outdoor Sales and Golf Tournaments, the CRC raised sufficient funds to mount its legal challenge against the Hidden Quarry at the OMB. That Hearing was postponed indefinitely.  Now there is more work to be done. James Dick Construction Limited (JDCL) has reapplied to develop this disastrous open pit mine and we must gear up for a partial re-play leading up to a full OMB Hearing, which includes legal counsel, expert witnesses and our continuing research.

CRC has been unable to conceive of conditions that would adequately mitigate negative impacts from the proposed operation.  CRC will continue its vigilance over this irresponsible development proposal. Please donate to ensure that the green remains in our Greenlands.

If you would like to discuss your donation with us please contact

Linda Sword: 519 853-1896

Doug Webster: 519 856 9522

There are two ways to donate, online using our donation forms or by cheque as outlined below. With both methods you can make either a one-time donation or choose to make a series of monthly donations.


By Cheque

One-time Donation: Please make your cheque payable to
CRC Rockwood Inc. and mail it to the address below.

Monthly Donations Please make your series of
post-dated cheques payable to
CRC Rockwood Inc. and mail them to the address below.

Mail to,
CRC Rockwood Inc.
P.O. Box 121
Rockwood, ON
N0B 2K0

Thank you for donating.