Hidden Quarry proposed site 6th line Eramosa
Hidden Quarry proposed site 6th line Eramosa

Welcome to the membership page of the CRC.

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Why Join?

There are probably as many reasons to join as we have members. Perhaps we all share the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve done what we could to protect the health and safety of our beautiful piece of this world.

A Little History

At the core of the Concerned Residents Coalition are its members. In March 2013, when the first public meeting announcing the plans for the Hidden Quarry took place, hundreds of people lined up to fill Rockmosa Hall and dozens rose to raise questions and express concerns about the impact of a pit and quarry operation on the region. Out of these questions and concerns and whirlwind energy was born the CRC. This grass-roots organization has a Board of Directors which works on behalf of all of us who need our questions answered and our concerns addressed.

CRC Community Meeting in Eden Mills, April 2013
CRC Community Meeting in Eden Mills, April 2013

At our first CRC community meeting held during 2013 in Eden Mills about 120 filled the hall. The CRC is now in contact with and reporting to more than 1200 individuals on a regular basis. The CRC is growing daily in membership and its activities.

What the CRC is Doing and has Done

The CRC is very busy making certain that JDCL’s requested re-zoning of the proposed Hidden Quarry property from Greenlands to Industrial is not granted by Wellington County or GET. As part of the Paris-Galt moraine, the property was recently zoned Greenlands/Core Greenlands and Agriculture in amendments to Wellington County’s Official Plan reflecting its environmental importance for water recharge in filtering and protecting the regional drinking water through its environmentally sensitive wetlands and underlying gravel and porous rock formation, and for CO2 sequestration by the pine, spruce and hardwood forest covering the property. To date the CRC has:

Phase 1 – April 2013 – October 2016

  1. Met all the early deadlines for registering concerns with Municipal and Provincial authorities thereby putting in place the critical foundation for public involvement in the application process.
  2. Brought in third party experts to review the Hidden Quarry application, discovering that there are
    many serious unanswered questions and significant concerns for public safety, and environmental damage and pollution.
  3. Attended and presented the findings of experts at nearly every GET Council meeting since the Hidden Quarry application became public.
  4. Helped GET Council recognize serious problems in the application, allowing them to significantly change the process making it more transparent and the applicant more accountable.
  5. Made delegations to Milton, Halton Hills and Halton Region Councils;
  6. Produced and distributed lawn signs and flyers to bring the issues to the public;
  7. Produced newsletters with updates on CRC research and presentations;
  8. Informed the membership of Government and Public meetings and events related to the Hidden Quarry application that are not otherwise well publicised.
  9. Organized community building activities including the CRC Annual Garage Sale, the
    CRC Turtle Creek Golf Tournament and An Intimate Evening with the Nylons to add some fun to the process and raise support for CRC’s ongoing work.
  10. CRC presented as a Party September 2016 Ontario Municipal Board hearing on the Hidden Quarry. along with Halton Region and Halton Hills, the two other objecting Parties. The CRC legal team brought to light the fact that the GET zoning bylaw under which the original JDCL application was made had been repealed and replaced in August 2016.  The OMB does not have the jurisdiction to hear a case in the absence of a current bylaw.  The case was adjourned “indefinitely.” JDCL had the option to recognize that their proposal was indeed environmentally inappropriate for the location however they have chosen to re-apply and therefore CRC must continue to raise its concerns and prepare for a 2nd OMB Hearing.

Phase 2 – October 2016 – ongoing

  1. The CRC are busy preparing to follow the new application process to ensure that the property remains Greenlands and Rockwood and the region are protected from the devastation that the proposed Hidden Quarry, and potentially more quarries, would impose on our community.
  2. CRC board members have met with Wellington County officials to introduce the Coalition, provide expert information and answer questions on the history of what has taken place to date.
  3. CRC board members have officially presented the CRC’s objection to the proposed open pit mine to Wellington County’s Planning Committee and Council.
  4. The CRC are preparing to present its fact based evidence to the Wellington County Council as meetings are scheduled to address the various issues associated with JDCL’s application. The process will be paralleled with GET Council where new information and the implications of the amended Official Plan will be presented.

The FAQ page provides a wide range of information on CRC activities.

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Thank you for your consideration and we hope you will join us in our efforts to protect this beautiful part of the world.