CRC supports Mike Schreiner’s Private Member’s Bill to protect our Moraine

Tomorrow morning, CRC will speak at Queen’s Park in support of a bill to establish a Paris Galt Moraine Conservation Plan. Wellington Water Watchers will join Mike and CRC at the podium. The Bill will be tabled in the Legislature in the afternoon. The proposed bill includes a provision which would stop below-the-water-table aggregate mining in the moraine. This legislation would make it clear that a Hidden Quarry, or any quarry, has no place in the moraine. (CRC Newsletter)

Help build support for this important legislation – Call your MPP using the link below.

Message from Wellington Water Watchers:

On Wednesday February 20th, a Private Members Bill to establish a Paris Galt Moraine Conservation Plan will be introduced at the Ontario legislature. This Bill largely applies and builds upon the framework that was developed for the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Act, which was written and passed by a Progressive Conservative government in 2001.

If successful, this bill would provide land use planning direction to provincial ministries, municipalities, landowners, and other stakeholders on how to protect the moraine’s ecological and hydrological features for the benefit of present and future generations.

Mike Schreiner, MPP of Guelph will be presenting this bill. If you live in a riding outside of Guelph, will you take a moment now to call your MPP and let them know that you support this bill to Protect the Paris Galt Moraine?

The Paris Galt Moraine is an essential recharge, discharge, and storage area in the Grand River Watershed. In the moraine, rainwater is naturally filtered in underground aquifers and serves to replenish the groundwater system for drinking water.

This region, and especially the City of Guelph, is already experiencing water use restrictions. Increases in population and droughts caused by climate change will only exacerbate the situation. Furthermore, commercial and industrial demands are raising concerns in the area about the future quality and quantity of water available for the public, and the existing policies and laws are insufficient to adequately protect the ecological integrity of the moraine.

The Paris Galt Moraine provides and purifies water at no cost to citizens. Establishing the conservation act is an opportunity to address water management concerns in a fiscally responsible manner now before the situation becomes dire.

Failing to properly protect the moraine, and in turn preserve the region’s source of fresh water, will lead to massive investments in infrastructure to provide water for the region. Furthermore, local business, farmers and industry depend upon this water source for local jobs and prosperity.

The Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan has been effective in protecting the natural heritage of the area, modifying building practices to direct urban growth, and raising awareness about the significance of the moraine without limiting innovation and development in the region. The passing of the Paris Galt Moraine Act would achieve similar results and enshrine another key environmental policy into law in Ontario.

Please take this moment and let your MPP know how important this bill is. Call your MPP and use our talking points to let them know you support this bill to protect the Paris Galt Moraine.

For our waters, Wellington Water Watchers (

Mike Schreiner moves to protect the Paris-Galt Moraine

Join Mike Schreiner, Guelph MPP, at Queen’s Park on Wednesday February 20 to support a private member’s bill to protect Paris Galt Moraine.

Wellington Water Watchers has organized a bus from Guelph to Toronto on Wednesday February 20 for people to show support for Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner’s private members bill to protect the Paris Galt Moraine.

The bus will leave St. Mary’s Ukraine Church 115 York St. Guelph at 7:30 am and return at 5:00 pm. You can RSVP for a seat on the bus here.

The bus will arrive at Queen’s Park in time for a press conference in the Queen’s Park media studio at 9:45am. Seats will be reserved in the legislature gallery for the morning Question Period. There will be a lunch break and then the private member’s bill to protect the Paris Galt moraine will be introduce at 1:30… Newsletter.