The Wellington Advertiser: Hidden Quarry potential water hazards and traffic problems August 31, 2018

As reported Dr. Emil Frind, one of Canada’s top hydrologists, ‘…concluded there is no certainty the proposed quarry is outside of wellhead protection zones, there is no guarantee municipal wells won’t be impacted and there is no certainty provincially signicant wetlands won’t be impacted.’ “Science tells us that ground water, soil water and surface water act as one unit,” Frind said. “Water can flow both ways.”

Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonnette also appeared as a delegation to reiterate Halton Hills and Halton Regions position that they are “opposed” to the Hidden Quarry application. “There’s no appropriate haul routes leaving from the hidden quarry to the proposed markets in the GTA. ” He raised collision risks as well as the “serious implications for the social fabric of our (Acton/Georgetown) community.”, as some of the problems.

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