​​What is CRC’s planned role in the OMB process?

​​CRC will be a Party at the OMB and plans to provide testimony to the new OMB Hearing on a number of critical issues related to potential negative impacts were the quarry to be approved. Our choices will be those for which our testimony will be the most effective and manageable.  In preparing for the 2016 OMB Hearing (now postponed), our experts covered Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Blasting, Planning and Aquatic Ecology.

​What is CRC doing to raise money to pay for the OMB hearing?

​CRC raises funds in a variety ways, and when possible with fun!  Events have included golf tournaments, garage sales, teas, a gala 2016 event (An Intimate Evening with the Nylons), bike and hike events, participation in the community’s Rockwood Mushroom Fest, and others.  By means of a direct telephone call campaign and our general communications, we invite community residents to support us financially with monthly or one-time donations that are within their means.  We also have paypal activated on the CRC website for credit card donations.  We are gratified that there are a few benefactors who have continued to support CRC with sizeable donations, and we continue to seek out large gifts by presenting what we think is a compelling case for support.

​Where will the quarry be located and how far is it from Rockwood?

​​It is located at the corner of Highway 7 and 6th Line Eramosa, just east of Rockwood and west of Acton. It is only one kilometre from the southern neighbourhoods of Rockwood as the crow flies, and as little as 165 m from homes and buildings on Eramosa 6th and 7th Lines and those at the north end of Nassagaweya 5th line! Nearly half the population of Rockwood lives within 2 kilometers of the site.

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​Is CRC a registered charity and are donations tax deductible?

​​CRC is not yet a registered charity; therefore donations are not tax deductible. Charitable status is being investigated since CRC is studying serious environmental issues; however it is a lengthy, complicated process with no guarantee that we would be granted charitable status.