​Will property values drop if the quarry goes through?

​​​​Yes. Just ask yourself, “Would I knowingly purchase a property adjacent to a quarry rather than a similar one somewhere else?” Only if it were cheap enough. MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corportation) reduces property values near quarries and studies have been done that demonstrate that property values drop due to proximity to pits and quarries.  The successful fight against JDCL’s Rockfort Quarry in Caledon included analysis showing projected property value losses up to 20%.  Such properties will appreciate in value along with market trends, but along a trend line that remains below where it would have been without the quarry influence.  ​Aggregate proponents argue to the contrary of course, but again ask yourself whether you would knowingly purchase a property adjacent to a quarry rather than a similar one somewhere else. Only if it is cheap enough.

​Will farming in the area be affected?

​​Aggregate dust​ is one of the threats to nearby agricultural operations, including cash and forage crops, a mushroom farm, and others.  There is research that has shown that silica dust issuing from aggregate sites significantly reduces plant growth rates and coats crops like hay seriously affecting its value/use as fodder.  The possible contamination of downstream surface and groundwater is a second issue that may have consequences for agricultural operations.  Horse and livestock operations will also be affected by noise and vibration.  Horse trainers have spoken at CRC meetings about the risks involved when standard-bred horses are spooked by noise and vibration resulting from blasts.

​Will the quarry generate jobs for Rockwood? ​

​​​Not likely. Of course it remains to be seen if the proponent’s prediction of local jobs will be realized.  But consider that they also maintain that haulage will be mostly managed with their own truck fleet.  Consider also that they maintain that this quarry will replace other JDCL operations.  So, who do you think will be first in line for any operations jobs–new folks from this area, or experienced workers moved from those other sites? See Economic Impact.

​What benefits will the quarry have?

​​​​​There don’t appear to be any. CRC has taken issue with the findings of the Township consultant’s economic impact analysis which ignores any downward pressure on house and land prices and the accompanying loss of tax assessment, as well as new costs borne by the municipalities related to infrastructure management, emergency services, and so on.  GET Council recognizes that there is nothing ​tangible in this for the community.  So, the only benefits the quarry will have are to JDCL’s bottom line.