​Should I be concerned about pollution from the quarry?

​​Definitely. There are risks of contamination of the surface water flowing through the site into the Byrdson Creek-Blue Springs Creek-Eramosa River systems–all part of the Grand River watershed–and similar contamination of the groundwater aquifer that feeds downstream wells,  There is real uncertainty about the extent to which blasting will impact the aquifer that feeds the Rockwood number 4 well.  In spite of assurances to the contrary, we believe that dust arising from crushing and loading operations as well as heavy truck traffic into and out of the site will be emitted as air pollution.

​Where will the quarry be located and how far is it from Rockwood?

​​It is located at the corner of Highway 7 and 6th Line Eramosa, just east of Rockwood and west of Acton. It is only one kilometre from the southern neighbourhoods of Rockwood as the crow flies, and as little as 165 m from homes and buildings on Eramosa 6th and 7th Lines and those at the north end of Nassagaweya 5th line! Nearly half the population of Rockwood lives within 2 kilometers of the site.

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​Will the quarry affect my commute?

​​Most likely. Highway 7 is the main commuting thoroughfare and it is also the proposed haul route, eastward through Acton towards the GTA according to the plan in the application.  Trucks will be running from 6 am to 6 pm, coinciding with the busiest commuting times.  The 6th Line Eramosa – Hwy 7 intersection will be a pinch point as heavily loaded trucks try to turn left onto Hwy 7 and accelerate up to the 80 kph limit–you know how long that takes.  Nassagaweya 5th Line, a 20 metre jog south and east of Eramosa 6th Line will also be seriously impacted. By the way, there is no guarantee that truck traffic won’t end up going west through Rockwood to serve markets west of here, such as the new Hwy 7 construction planned between Guelph and Kitchener or other Wellington County projects. Finally, there is also no guarantee that, in spite of JDCL’s assurances, trucks won’t use the Nassagaweya 5th and 6th lines to avoid going through Acton.  Your commute certainly won’t get better!