​​How much will it cost to fight this at the OMB?

​​To do all that we would like to do at the OMB, it will cost over $500,000 which will go towards paying legal expenses and expert witnesses.  The postponement of the OMB Hearing will add to these costs since it will be, in effect, a completely new start from the beginning.  It’s a big number but we had already raised enough to proceed with the 2016 OMB Hearing, with donations ranging from $20 up to 5 figures (Surprised? If you consider house prices and the drop in quality of life and property values if the quarry goes ahead, large donations are a good investment). The municipalities of Milton, Halton Hills and Guelph Eramosa also made significant donations to CRC.  Sharing the cost is one of the advantages of working together in the CRC. Fund raising continues and it is going well but we do need everyone to contribute what they can. Click here to Donate!