​Could blasting damage my house?

​​This is a big unknown but it could. CRC’s analysis of projected blasting vibration shows that any structure within 1000 metres of the site will be at risk. There are two members of the CRC who moved here to get away from quarry operations. One member lived near the Acton quarry and their foundation develped a crack after an unusually strong blasting shock. The company refused to take responsibility. In addition the side road they lived on was closed several times to clear fly rock from blasting that did not go as planned. Another CRC member lived near the Guelph Dolime quarry. Their neighbourhood complaints to the Province were dismissed because the vibrations were “within Provincial limits.” They were concerned that damage would occur sooner or later and moved. Heritage homes with stone structures are especially vulnerable to damage from vibration, but even modern wood-construction homes will be affected.  In other similar situations, foundation cracking and damage to above-grade walls and windows have been experienced.  CRC is particularly concerned about the 11 heritage buildings (houses and barns) within 1000 metres where 18th century mortar is most prone to vibration risk.

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