​May I attend and particpate in the OMB prehearings and hearings?

​​You may attend and observe the OMB hearings which are open to the public.  In fact, CRC is encouraging residents to attend as observers in large numbers to communicate just how widespread our concerns are about this application. However you can only make a presentation to the Board if you have been registered as an official “Participant.” Nine resident-participants prepared statements for the 2016 OMB Hearing, covering a variety of issues of concern.  CRC coordinated the participants to prevent duplication of messages, and will do so again.  Participants do not need legal representation, but are required to submit a written Participant Statement.  Their input does matter, and when a significant number of residents take the time to get involved directly their combined voice gets a good deal of consideration. It also supports the legal cases being presented by CRC, GET and Halton Region. CRC will be a “Party” at the second OMB. A “Party” at the hearing must put forth legal arguments for its objections. This is a very expensive process involving lawyers and expert witnesses, approximately $400,000 (if you have not please Donate).  All told it makes for a very strong case against the quarry at the OMB. (see Can we win…)​