​Why is CRC taking on the cost of fighting at the OMB when the local Councils are also fighting it?

​​It is essential for the residents to have a direct voice at the OMB for many reasons, most notably: the OMB recognizes and appreciates direct involvement by  residents as it confirms grassroots involvement, and our elected officials recognize and appreciate that their residents are involved and support them in their efforts and expenditures toward protecting us all.  We also recognize that the municipalities may have political pressures–not the least being the significant financial burden being forced upon them by the OMB process–that necessitates a more conciliatory position than they would otherwise choose.  CRC is constrained by the financial demand for sure, but it is clear that the wish of the community at large is that all that we value here be vigorously defended, and that is the role CRC is being called to play. Only CRC represents residents from all three affected municipalities. Please DONATE, thank you.