​Will we feel the blasting?

​​A large part of Rockwood as well as residences to the south in Nassagaweya will feel vibrations from blasting and the vibrations will be strong in the southern neighbourhoods, Eramosa 6th and 7th lines, and the northern parts of Nassagaweya 5th and 6th lines.  The water-logged karst rock that exists through much of this area is an excellent mediium for the transmission of vibration.  It is important to recognize that JDCL’s predictions of blasting vibration levels are entirely theoretical even though this is a very complex issue that utlimately will become clear when blasting begins, and then we’re stuck with the consequences.  Vibrations put all buildings within 1000 metres of the site at risk of structural damage, not to mention a number of 18th century heritage houses and barns which have been maintained by the current property owners.

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