What is CRC’s position regarding the Hidden Quarry application?

After considerable study, ​CRC opposes the development of this quarry. It acknowledges that the Province of Ontario needs supplies of reasonably priced aggregates to support development of infrastructure, housing, buildings and other construction needs BUT not, as provincial legislation and policy indicate, at any cost. Hence CRC’s mission regarding the Hidden Quarry application, is to ensure, with reference to provincial and County policies, that no unacceptable negative impacts on the environment, health and safety, water quality and quantity, residences and other structures, community economy, private property values, and general quality of life in Guelph-Eramosa Township and Halton Region occur as a result of the operation of this quarry. After three years of intensive study, CRC is unable to conceive of conditions that would prevent some or all of these factors being significantly impacted in a negative way, and therefore we oppose the development of this quarry.