Will the new Official Plan ‘Greenlands’ designation for the proposed Hidden Quarry stop the project?

Not necessarily.  The Greenlands designation in the Wellington County’s Official Plan recognizes the 40-year-old, 33.5 hectare conifer plantation and the three 100-year-old small mature stands of less than 2 hectares each.

The Official Plan states  “The Greenlands System will be maintained or enhanced. Activities which diminish or degrade the essential functions of the Greenlands System will be prohibited”.

However, The Greenlands policies do permit consideration of aggregate extraction subject to more detailed policy considerations, but those more detailed policy considerations must be made in the context of the planning approach for the Greenlands System contained with the O.P. which state that “Wellington County is a good place to live, (that) this Plan intends to keep it that way”; and that “the people of County enjoy clean air, clean water, healthy communities, natural heritage, cultural heritage, public health and public safety.”

CRC believes that the Greenlands are essential to the protection of the Paris Galt Moraine water re-charge system and to sequestration of CO2.