Will there be more truck traffic?

​Yes. A lot.  JDCL projects haulage traffic to be 26 trucks per hour, 13 inbound, 13 outbound.  CRC’s view is that this underestimates real traffic rates due to the creative use of averaging.  In any event, 26 trucks per hour, or one every two minutes or so, all concentrated at the 6th Line Eramosa – Hwy 7 intersection will have a significant impact on overall traffic levels and road safety.  If the traffic goes east towards the GTA, this will have a huge impact on downtown Acton and RR25 south of town.  If, as we think is more than likely over the 20 year life of the quarry, traffic goes west towards other markets, that impact could be happening in Rockwood village and/or south on Guelph line through Brookville, or just about anywhere JDCL decides to send its trucks.