Contact Alix Mabee to volunteer
or to find out more:
or call (519) 853-9182.
See below for specific ways you can help.

Thank you for taking time to find out how you can help!

Already a CRC Volunteer?

2017 kicked off CRC’s 5th year in action.  A final decision by the Ontario Municipal Board will be made beginning with a Pre-Hearing on Thursday Nov.2, 2017.  CRC remains vital and strong because of you! 

New to CRC Volunteering?

Welcome and thanks for exploring!  Please add your name to one or more jobs or tell us what else you hope to do.  The need is urgent for a longer list of volunteers per job.

Kathie and Lee answer questions at an event.

NOTE:  Certain jobs can be done in pairs or small groups with your friends and family.  As well, we appreciate you referring your friends and family to volunteer, as often as possible.


Ways You Can Help

Just do it! No need to pre-arrange:
♥ Follow and retweet @CRC Rockwood
♥ Follow, like and share our Facebook page.
♥ Be a roaming photographer! Email your photos of volunteers and other Hidden Quarry-related scenes to crc@crcrockwood.org.

A) Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017 – Outdoor Christmas Market, 11-4pm – Fund-Raiser on 7th Line Eramosa:

Join us at this festive, bound-to-be-fun holiday market initiated by Jerrie Schummer and a few enterprising CRCers.  You, your family and friends will be welcomed to help create, plan and run the show on Dec. 2.  More specifically, here’s what’s needed:

  • Bundles of dogwood branches and pine cones – Can you collect a bundle ASAP?
  • Wreaths, urn arrangements, tree ornaments – Can you design or create one or more?
  • Preserves, cookies, pies, tarts, gingerbread anything, hot chocolate and cider – Are you a baker or barista?
  • Kids’ activity station – Is this where your creativity shines?
  • Sales and service whizzes on Dec. 2 – Fund-raising only succeeds thanks to you!
  • Drivers and crew for set-up and strike.  Potential set-up on Friday, Dec 1. – You are essential; the backbone to every event!

To volunteer or to find out more, go directly to Jerrie, j.schummer@ceconline.ca or contact Alix, amabee@crcrockwood.org

B) Saturday, February 17, 2018 – Wingfield Farm, starring Rob Beattie – Acton Town Hall:

Save the date!  Thanks to Linda Sword and Acton Town Hall, the CRC is bringing this renowned and hilarious play to our doorstep.  Stay tuned for more about how you can help with this fund-raiser.     

C)  DIY Fund-Raiser – Donate all or partial proceeds to CRC’s goal of $300,000:

CRC applauds the initiative of volunteers who donate, on their own time, through their own personal or business efforts.   Sell on-line, one or several of your own gently used items using your local Facebook group?  Collect group donations from friends and neighbours at your next euchre game, street or dinner party?  What other bright ideas?  Your Do It Yourself fund-raiser adds enormous CRC support!

D)  Drivers and lots more essentials:

  1. Transport 3D Model (3’x5′) to/fro 6th Line Nass.  Note covered vehicle space requirement.
  2. Transport tent, tables and marketing materials.
  3. Help set-up and strike our booths.
  4. Walk event posters to retail stores, Rockwood/Acton.
  5. Manually address special but infrequent mailings for Canada Post delivery.  Occasional need for internet address search.  Work from the comfort of your home, day or evening.

The above five are essential jobs linked to CRC public appearances.  When we contact you with dates, you’ll decide if you’re available.

E)  Co-Host CRC’s Booth:  

Thanks to Lars, teacher and CRC member, students from Brampton earned volunteer credits prepping and serving food at the Nylons concert. A win for the CRC.

♥ Be yourself.  Talk about what matters to you re HQ.
♥ Join CRC Directors at one or more events and public markets.
♥ Chat with your community.  Meet new supporters, welcome donations.  Take photos, promote social media, host Virtual Reality experience of Brydson Creek.
♥ Average a 2-3 hour shift, per event.
♥ Help set-up or at strike.
♥ Orientation is provided.  Co-Hosts stick together and help each other.
♥ See schedule below.

Public Events,  2017 – 2018

Contact Alix Mabee to volunteer
or to find out more:
or call (519) 853-9182.
  1. February, Community Meeting.
  2. April, Nassagaweya Info Night.
  3. May, CRC Plant Sale – Fund-Raiser.
  4. June, Rockwood Pioneer Day.
  5. June, Waterstock.           
  6. August, Acton Leathertown Fest. 
  7. August, Rockwood Farmers’ Market. 
  8. September, Eden Mills Writers’ Fest.
  9. Saturday December 2, Outdoor Christmas Market – Fund-Raiser.  (Details above).
  10. Saturday February 17, 2018, Wingfield Farm – Fund-Raiser. (Details above).

F)  Board Minutes Recorder – Back-up:  Join Directors to record and prepare Board minutes when CRC’s regular Recorder cannot attend; his career gets in way!  You’ll be most appreciated one week night every other month, 7-9pm, in Rockwood.  The job keeps you in the know!

G)  Facebook Partner: Partner with CRC’s Facebook Captain to help write content and act as back-up support.  Share your strong writing skills, creativity and Facebook expertise.  Your collaborative style is CRC’s style too.  Time requirements are occasional through the year.

H)  Project Leaders/Captains: Sometimes we overload ourselves.  CRC wants to ease the load with a longer list of potential volunteers willing to run with the baton.  For example, are you willing to plan and implement at least one Booth?  Or would you consider co-leading even one Fund-Raiser?  You would never be solo on a project because team and collaboration define the CRC.  Can we persuade you to share your proven strengths in leadership?