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THE OUTCOME  – February 11, 2020  

The Hidden Quarry was approved on February 11, subject to conditions, by Ontario’s Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT).  

Yes, CRC is deeply disappointed.  But we remain very proud of our 7 years and counting, standing up for what is right.

Where will the Hidden Quarry be located?

Go to 6th Line Eramosa, NE corner on Hwy 7 between Rockwood and Acton.  There it is!  

James Dick Construction intends to operate its Hidden Quarry in the heart of the Paris/Galt Moraine and next door to homes, busy commuter traffic, truck and train routes.   

What is a Moraine?    Put simply, it is a natural formation of rock, sand and gravel.  It provides head water to river systems which provide your drinking water.  Moraines are also home to endangered and other valued species.  It is not a wise location for a quarry.

What is left to do at the CRC?


We must pay final legal and expert costs.  The Lilac Festival, CRC’s annual plant sale fund-raiser,  is still being considered for May 30.  See poster at far right and an update below.

But today, you, your friends and family can choose from 3 ways to DONATE:

  1. Go to DONATE tab above, on this website.
  2. At  www.gofundme.com/hiddenquarry
  3. Mail a cheque to CRC Rockwood Inc., PO Box 121, Rockwood, ON, N0B 2K0.


This committee must be formed by James Dick Construction and Guelph Eramosa Township (GET) Council, likely in 2020.  Volunteer members will be essential to help monitor the conditions of the Hidden Quarry operation.   Contact CRC today to find out more.

3/ STAY TUNED:  CRC LILAC FESTIVAL ON MAY 30, 2020. (Parish Hall, St. John’s Anglican Church, Rockwood Ont.)   ON HOLD

As of March 2020, due to COVID 19, this ‘more then a plant sale’ fund-raiser is on hold; to be redesigned, rescheduled or cancelled.   Hard working volunteers carry on nurturing greenhouse herbs, vegetable and flowering plants.  Even hypertufa pots are being built this very second!

Your ideas ASAP are welcome,  for on-line plant selling, pick up or other “2 meters away” sales approaches.  Contact CRC today!




Volunteer student servers recruited by Lars – teacher, caterer and CRC member. Pictured at “Wingfield’s Progress” Gala Fund-Raiser, Acton Town Hall Centre.


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Co-Hosts Heather, Grant, Alix, Colin and Susan Strachan Johnson. Susan (left, centre) is an artist and creator of this fabulous 3D to scale model of the proposed HQ site.


Contact Alix Mabee to volunteer
or to find out more:
or call (519) 853-9182.